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Career Progression
Three senior management people shared their secrets on careers. These were a headhunter, HR and a GM with global responsibilities.

The GM was frank. Whereas the others talked about cultural fit, honesty, awareness of your "customer", being nice to everyone, etc...... the GM stated that to keep your job, you need to show every 6 months that you contribute something new and unique to the organization. When there is a problem you need to "prescribe not describe" the situation. Then you need to deliver the solution.

To aid your career, you need to continually ask yourself:
- what have I learnt that is new and makes me unique?
- do my customers know all that I do for them?
- when situations arise do I propose solutions?

And when will people make time to discuss your contributions? Well the GM had an answer for that, but only if you can play a good round of golf.

Source: A 2003 "Breakfast Seminar" at UofT's Rotman School