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Customer Service - Do Customers really want to talk with their service provider?

The book argues that people just want stuff that works. But if there is a problem, the Customer wants to have it fixed. Quickly. The first time.
Call-centres designed to handle as many calls as possible, all within their designated "average handling time" or AHT, are missing the point, because the Customer will call back again.
The book identifies the steps required. Simple things, like having only 30 reason codes for the calls. Having one business owner for each of those reason codes and having them speak to the issues, and their resolutions. With the final payoff, that no Customer Service department is needed.

Comment: If you have ever used a call-centre where the person answering the call was unable to help, and even hung up on you because of their AHT, the book rings true. If you have seen the actual entries made by call-centre staff, and how inadequately they describe the problem, the book rings true. As does the answer. Assigning responsibility to the people who caused the problem in the first place.

Source: "The Best Service is No Service", by Bill Price & David Jaffe, ISBN-10: 0470189088