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'Doing the Right Thing'
When using the Web, speed is important. If a webpage takes too long to download, people will move onto another site.
In 2004, Yahoo appointed Steve Souders as their Chief Performance Yahoo.
He already had 4 years with the company, leading his team to improve speed within his area. But, decided to take a look at the total web experience and measure what was happening. He was surprised to find that the work he had been doing over the past 4 years impacted only 5% of the browsing experience.
The other 95% of browsing speed was due to the look of the page. And how this look was achieved.
The Yahoo team created and tested, new rules for web-development, based on their observations. The 14 new rules led to a 25% decrease in time to load a webpage. With minimal effort.

Comment: A good leader ensures their teams are doing the right thing, by looking at the big picture, putting in measurements and making decisions based on the data. Then, having tested new ways of doing things, the best practices are put in place throughout the organization, and profession. Steve did all of those.
Impressive? Google thought so. They hired him away from Yahoo:)

Source: Baseline Magazine, "Front-Loading Web Performance', November 2007; Presentation on all 14 rules; and Steve's Blog