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'Everything is Miscellaneous'
IT guru David Weinberger gave a very entertaining keynote address on the changing nature of information organization. This, due to space limitations, is only one component of that talk.

"Making piles to make piles".
Piles of information that viewers can organize themselves. That is the way the Web works today. When you post data, others build their own links to that data. They can combine your data with data from other sources. And something new is created. Your information becomes part of this new creation. And with that creation, another doorway is created, for people to find your information.

Good news: You gain a new audience. People who are interested in your information. So, your revenues go up.
Bad news: You give up control of how/where/when your information is displayed.

Does it work?
Ask Google. Ask Flickr. Ask Wikipedia.

Source: Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) AGM, King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Canada, 2007Sep06