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Flexibility AND Stability
When adding new applications or new capacity, many cite a trade-off between flexibility and stability. Stability is the dominant theme in our 24*7 world. So adding new servers takes weeks. But, it does not have to be so.
With an average of 93.5% in spare capacity, per server, VMware is able to create up to 10 virtual servers, on one physical box. The main benefit of virtual servers is that, they can be created within the hour! The side benefit is that energy costs are greatly reduced, as each kW used to power a server, needs another 3kW's to cool that box.
For storage, EqualLogic builds a SCSI SAN with a 1Gig, or higher, through-put. Adding more hard-drives was as simple as plugging in a toaster. Existing data was optimized automatically across the new space, while the application was running. Then, with 12 hard-drives up and running, disks were removed one by one, at random. The application continued to run, until the 6th drive was removed.
Last, but not least, both products greatly reduce hardware dependencies. So you can mix-and-match servers, operating systems and hard-drives.
As someone who has waited 6 weeks for an out-sourcing company under their emergency protocols, to install just 4 servers, I was impressed.

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