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Getting it Right First Time.
The last thought was "Is IT Throttling Your Business?" Asking if your IT group is slowly killing your business.
One Example: Online product that you cannot access. When BBC Radio switched platforms, their programmes stopped playing via my phone's browser.

Good News! BBC Radio now works on my mobile browser. Has been since June of this year.
More Good News! CBC Radio moved to a new platform, their shows would not play via my phone's browser. But are now playing AOK.

BBC Radio took a year to correct their on-line platform. CBC Radio needed only three months. Both examples beg the question "Will your Customers wait patiently for a fix? Or go elsewhere?"
If you are in IT, you have to ask "Why didn't IT get it right the first time?"
Is it important?
Ask Boeing. Their software changes are killing their Customers, their product, and their business.
Getting it right the first time is important.

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