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Getting Things Done
David Allen's book 'Getting Things Done' shows how organizing tasks, gets people to their goals.
Tasks that are not finished, stay in a person's mind. This is the Zeigarnik effect.
New research by Baumeister&Masicampo confirms that people do worse on completing tasks when they have something unfinished, clogging up their minds.
What Baumeister&Masicampo did next, was to allow people to plan how they would finish those open tasks. They did not complete the tasks, just worked out a plan. The result was that those people performed better on their subsequent tasks. In fact, they performed as well as if they had completed their earlier tasks.

Summary: Planning has always been vital to help us organize the tasks that complete our projects. And now we see that just the act of planning, helps us to work effectively/efficiently on the tasks at hand.

Source: The psychology of the to-do list, on the BBC website, Future pages, 2013Jan29