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Is IT Throttling Your Business ?
Can today's Information Technology (IT) organization meet the paradigm of the World Wide Web? Making information available online, to everyone who needs it.

Example: Banks where you cannot access your accounts. In 2018Q1 a Canadian and British bank implemented a new login application, at the same time. The Canadian bank reversed their changes, and developed a new login process that works. As of 2018Q3, the British bank login still fails.

Example: Media that you cannot access. BBC Radio introduced a new player in July 2018. Worked on my phone, but not my laptop. A week later. the new player was working on my laptop, but not my phone. As of 2018Q3, BBC Radio still only works on the laptop.

These are only two examples of how technology can throttle a business. Because costs go up, and customers drift away, when online access fails.

Want to know if your IT department is throttling your business? Ask them.
If you hear comments such as
- "We cannot test for every platform"
- "They should upgrade their ........"
- "We are using the latest development tools"
then IT is throttling your business.