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Is Seeing Believing?
Research shows that the eyes record what is happening accurately, but the brain has it's own agenda.
One example: grey coloured tiles will be seen to be a yellow colour, OR blue, depending upon the colours of the tiles around those grey tiles.
Another example: a conjuror throws a ball up, and catches it. Once. Twice. And then appears to throw it up a third time. The eyes record that the ball did not leave the hand, but the brain sees the ball go up, and vanish.
Why? Research shows that the eyes account for only 10% of what we see. The rest is the brain's paradigm overriding what is actually happening.

Implication: Communications will be interpreted differently by everyone. Checking for understanding is important. As is checking your own paradigm.

Source: On 2013Mar12 from Horizon's program "Is Seeing Believing?" shown on TVO