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Leadership, or Bottom-up Change?
Reading 'The Evolution of Everything' guarantees discussions at the dinner table. All topics, and I mean all topics, are covered.
The basic tenet is that NEARLY EVERYTHING good is a function of bottom-up evolution, whilst bad things happen with top-down directives.

The book is lots of fun. The author Mark Ridley, challenges our beliefs on everything. But do check his facts before quoting. For example: His view of the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis, is based on one lone voice from the US Commission report on root causes.
Missing from the book? How to manage the environment, so as to manage evolution. If evolution creates the next leader, how do we prevent the next Hitler, or Stalin? Maybe Ridley should have read this Thought of the Moment :)

Source: THE EVOLUTION OF EVERYTHING, 2015, by Matt Ridley