Just a thought, from RESULTS ORIENTED
Sitting is the New Smoking.
Research shows that sitting more than 6hrs a day, increases the risk of death by 40% for women, and 20% for men. Using standing-desks, and moving out of the chair every 20 minutes, are two ways of negating the risks.
At the TED conference, 2013Feb26, business writer Nilofer Merchant explained a simply rememdy, holding "walk and talk" meetings. Claiming that ".... fresh air drives fresh thinking."
As for going to the gym three times a week? Does NOT help. It is the sitting that is killing you. Being active throughout the day is the key.

Comment: Why is it worse for women to remain seated than for men? The research does not address that point.
How good are we at passing along knowledge? In 1953, a study was published in Britain on two groups of workers: bus drivers; and bus conductors. The drivers were nearly twice as likely to die of heart disease, than the conductors. The only difference was that the drivers sat, and the conductors were active for most of the day.

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