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'The Promise, the Limits and the Beauty of Software'
The BCS and IET host an annual lecture in recognition of Turing's contribution in the field of computing. The 2007 lecture was given by Grady Booch.
Booch asked people to think about what they are doing when working on software, because they are changing the world. Software has an impact on:
- machinery - computers control everything from cars to nuclear power plants
- individuals - by changing or eliminating their work
- organizations - by making new forms of organizations possible
- research -
speeds up, and new things possible
- politics -
by changing access, community and funding
- history -
because today's postings become tomorrow's history.
Booch asks that developers consider their responsibility to create something that is ethical and moral.
A Thought:
Should we care? The 33 BILLION new lines of code being written every year, means a lot of change is happening. Change that affects you when you swipe a credit card, phone a call centre, or get into your car to drive.

Source: 'Turing lecture, by Grady Booch, 2007Jan25 , A written summary is available. To view the complete lecture and slides, click here www.iet.tv and use the search feature, looking for 'Booch'