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"The Narrow Corridor"
This book describes societies from around the world, how they formed, and why. Not just today, but all the way back to the earliest human history. And around the world.
Societies form to help all in the group be safer, healthier and richer. A group will fare better than an individual.
But unless the society has some measure of equality for all, that society will fail.
The book is full of examples of different structures used to create a society. From co-operatives to kingdoms. And everything in-between. But no matter what type of structure, when injustice or inequality reach a trigger point, that structure is overthrown.
Sometimes one ruling elite is replaced by another, and nothing changes.
Sometimes the overthrow causes society to collapse and disappear.
And sometimes a new structure for the society is created that gives everyone some measure of safety, justice and equality. In which case that society flourishes, until the next set of elites take power.

The lesson for an organization, is that you can build a group that works together in an effective manner. But to keep it that way, requires continual effort, and some degree of fair play.

Source: 'The Narrow Corridor' by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson