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Do we need Stars or Good Governance?.
Highly recommend reading the full text of Gladwell's article deriding the myth of talent, from The New Yorker. Here is a persuasive argument, that experience, organization and solid evaluations will trump a star system every time. Proctor&Gamble is cited as a successful company, with long term growth due to clear procedures for promoting talented and experienced people from within. And Enron as a company that focused on stars, giving it a rapid rise and an even more rapid fall.
Acemoglu&Robinson found the same with countries. Their book, "Why Nations Fail", makes a persuasive argument for an inclusive and open system of governance, to generate long term success for a country.

Comment: Stars generate huge benefits for themselves, a limited group of people, and only in the short run. Therefore when you are looking for a long term strategy for work or investing, take a look at whether there is a star system. Or if there is a system of good governance, to ensure long term growth, for all. This applies to countries, as well as companies.

Source: 2002Jul22 from an article, The Talent Myth, by Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker
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