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Collaborative Consumption
The book, 'WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS', makes a strong case for collaborative consumption. The book argues that buying assets (cars, etc) can be a burden. So that sharing your own stuff with others lowers your costs and builds a community.
Now the key to effective sharing, is easy access. And the electronic world really does make it easy to share anything and everything. For example: people will use their car to take you where you want to go or, will let you sleep on their couch for the night.

There is real change happening. You can see this as taxi drivers protest against Uber. And we can ask, will laws be changed to block Uber? Or will Uber destroy the taxi business? Or will the taxi firms install Uber, and get rid of their dispatch centres? Can't wait to find out! PLUS CA CHANGE, PLUS C'EST LA MEME CHOSE? Well, maybe not this time. Because for Uber, the growth projections are impressive.

Source: WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS, 2010, by Botsman & Rogers