History And Customers
RESULTS ORIENTED was founded in 1994. We aim for a result that is of value. We are geared to helping your business become more effective. And to do this as simply, efficiently and economically, as possible.

Here are the larger companies that we have worked with:
- RBC (Caribbean)
- Bell
- American Express (International)
- Shoppers Drug Mart
- BellWorld
- American Express (Canada)
- Ministry of Transportation (Ontario)

RESULTS ORIENTED is a professional services organization which helps companies achieve the results that they want.
We focus on projects with a fixed deadline and limited resources.
The projects typically, but not always, involve information technology.
We provide a full range of Management, Analysis and Education skills.

RESULTS ORIENTED provides creative opportunities and solutions. We can analyze a business, process or project, determine what is required and deliver a solution.

We can manage the COMPLETE project, both business and the technology. Our experience encompasses diverse areas, such as
- engineering to retail,
- telecommunications to finance
- marketing to manufacturing.
Or, we can manage specific areas within a project.

Also, we can audit a project on a one-time or on-going basis. In effect, acting as independent project auditors or "Project Doctors".

We can produce and deliver, the educational component.

We do have access to technical expertise, so that we can deliver a complete package. However, many organizations have outsourced the technical component, so we tend to stay in the areas of Management, Analysis and Education.

At RESULTS ORIENTED we believe in finding out what makes sense from a business, organization and people perspective, before committing to a solution.

We are independent, professional and can adapt to the culture of YOUR organization, rather than you having to adapt to our methods.

We only accept assignments where we feel that
(a) we can add value
(b) are within our sphere of expertise

Our approach is holistic.
Projects require ownership, leadership and commitment, as well as definitions of scope, budget and time. We will create a balance between these elements.

RESULTS ORIENTED can work in a distributed, matrix environment at all levels in the organization.
We can work with tight deadlines.
We will draw on your needs, your structures and our experience, to create a solution that is as simple as possible.
And once implemented, we will build a transition process to ensure a smooth end to our services, and transfer of the required skills and knowledge to your staff.

We can work on a small project, required in a matter of weeks, to a corporate strategic realignment with hundreds of people.

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